(rat) EIA kit

Prolactin Assays
Reference Prolactin A05101

Prolactin data

Stability 2 Years
Storage -20°C
Shipping Dry ice
Specificity Rat Prolactin: 100%
Rat GH, Lh or TSH: <1%
Murine Prolactin: <10%
Application media Plasma, serum and culture supernatant
Pre-analytical phase No extraction required
Tracer label AChE®
Sample Volume 50 µL
Detection limit 0,2 ng/mL
Standard curve range 0,4-50 ng/mL
Correlated Keywords measures, kits, eias, enzyme, immunoassays, ELISAs, spi-bio, spibio, A05101

Prolactin description

Prolactin (PRL) is a pituitary hormone whose molecular weight is approximately 23000 Daltons. It is a single polypeptide chain composed of about 200 amino acid residues with three disulphide bonds. In mammals prolactin has been claimed to exert a wide range of different physiological effects. These include stimulation of mammary gland development and lactation, hair maturation, synergism with androgen in male sex accessory growth and maintenance and secretion of corpus luteum. PRL is predominantly under inhibitory control by the hypothalamus. Stimulation of prolactin release can be mediated by dopamine and thyrotrophin-releasing hormone(TRH).

Prolactin documentation

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Prolactin articles

An Enzyme Immunoassay for rat prolactin: application to the determination of plasma levels. Duhau L., Grassi J., Grouselle D., Enjalbert A. & Grognet J.-M., J. Immunoassay, 12(2), 233-250, 1991


Rat Prolactin concentration